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Acting old doesn't make you cool,
it just makes you boring.

Pilot Episode

Reggie is the main protagonist of the show, Twelve Forever. Her key takes her to the magical land of Party Island in her subconscious, where she lives as a superhero known as Twelve.

Appearance Edit

Reggie is of average height. She has peach skin, big round black eyes, thin eyebrows and a small gap between her teeth. She has long messy orange hair. She wears an oversized white sweater with yellow trims with yellow rolled up sleeves, olive green shorts, black knee-high leggings, and a pink sneaker on her left foot and a blue sneaker on her right foot.

Personality Edit

Reggie is an imaginative, wild, energetic 12-year-old girl. She loves to have fun and doesn't like her middle school. She doesn't seem to like reality, as she often visits her subconscious and most of her time on Party Island, where she created many creatures.

She has no interest in growing up and acts like a child, enjoying childish activities such as playing with dolls. She often does things without thinking of the outcomes or consequences, which leads her into conflicts like turning Tristan into a baby and making him huge enough to destroy Party Island.

Relationships Edit

Shane Edit

Shane is Reggie's best friend. Reggie loves hanging out with Shane and brings him along into her subconscious, claiming Party Island wouldn't be fun without him. However, she doesn't like it when he scolds her for acting without thinking, but she knows when to listen to him.


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